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no matter if you are just a small business or a huge organization
we have the motivation and skills to make you reach your objectives
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a team of young professionals
who decided to build a new city
an advertising city where every business, corporation or organization can find the ideal place they been looking for.
our simple four step process planning, activation, implemantation, assessment
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advertising concept
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branding layout design
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concept media planning
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layout design CRM
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media planning TV & radio
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CRM public relations
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adcity services public relations
TV & radio
We believe there’s too much flaky thinking going on in the marketing world. FLAKY THINKING WASTES MONEY. BUT INTELLIGENT IDEAS CREATE VALUE. It was this belief that inspired us to set up a new integrated marketing and communication agency in 2001. AN AGENCY TOTALLY DEDICATED TO CREATING VALUE FOR ITS CLIENTS. AN AGENCY THAT BELIEVED THAT IDEAS ARE IMPORTANT, RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING.
adcity we think differently
Adcity Clients - Alpha Insurance Adcity Clients - Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus Adcity Clients - Alpha Insurance Adcity Clients - Alpha Insurance
Adcity Clients - Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus Adcity Clients - Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus Adcity Clients - Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus Adcity Clients - Dredging International Adcity Clients - E. N. MANOS
Adcity Clients - Hellenic Bank Adcity Clients - FBME Bank Adcity Clients - ΡΥΘΜΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΑΡΧΗ ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑΣ ΚΥΠΡΟΥ Adcity Clients - ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΙΝΣΤΙΤΟΥΤΟ ΚΥΠΡΟΥ Adcity Clients - Σ.ΤΑ.Δ.Υ.Λ Adcity Clients - ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΤΙΚΗ ΟΙΚΟΔΟΜΙΚΗ & ΤΑΜΙΕΥΤΗΡΙΟ
Adcity Clients - Treppides & Co LTD Adcity Clients - Fiduserve Adcity Clients - FCS - Fiduserve Corporate Services Adcity Clients - BDO Adcity Clients - bwin Adcity Clients - Ergo Energy Adcity Clients - Tickethour Cyprus
Adcity Clients - KFC Cyprus Adcity Clients - KEAN Adcity Clients - J&B Adcity Clients - Limanaki Beach Hotel Adcity Clients - Kermia Beach Bungalow Hotel Adcity Clients - Rollin Diner Adcity Clients - Drifters Bar & Grill
Adcity Clients - Living Adcity Clients - Nomadic Adcity Clients - Visetti Adcity Clients - Boyz & Girlz boutique Adcity Clients - ΝΑΡΚΙΣΣΟΣ ΣΟΥΒΛΑΚΙΑ Adcity Clients - Healthy Bites Adcity Clients - Beanzy Cafe Adcity Clients - Theofanides Eyeworld
Adcity Clients - Celebrate Football Adcity Clients - DaVinci Machines Expo Adcity Clients - MS Events Adcity Clients - European Basketball Tour Adcity Clients - ΔΗΜΟΣ ΛΕΜΕΣΟΥ Adcity Clients - Ayia Napa Municipality Adcity Clients - EOKA Adcity Clients - ΔΗΜΟΣ ΚΥΘΡΕΑΣ
Adcity Clients - Sport Dimensions Adcity Clients - GPK Sports Management Adcity Clients - Cyprus Promo Team Adcity Clients - Chaps Developers Adcity Clients - ban ban renovators Adcity Clients - Mpoumpouris Electrical Adcity Clients - Fanos Michael Plastic Surgeon
Adcity Clients - Ploutarchou Claims Consulting Adcity Clients - Vinoteca Wine & Courmet Trading Ltd Adcity Clients - Adcity Clients - Ploutarchou Claims Consulting
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70 Steliou Hatzipetri 1st Floor, 2057 Strovolos

P.O. Box 23616, 1685 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: 22818111 / Fax: 22818112

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Wizad Interactive Digital Agency Adcity
Wizad Interactive is a business unit of Ad & the City Advertising Agency specializing in on-line and off-line digital services.
Check out our Wiz digital world here. FROM THE TOP
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Cyprus Promo Team, below the line activities Adcity
Cyprus Promo Team is a business unit of Ad & the City Advertising Agency focusing on planning & executing a vast range of below the line activities.
Check out our glorious days at work here.